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National Security Disgust

My local hometown paper is running a series of articles from the AP about contamination of the water supply of major metropolitan areas by various pharmaceuticals. The only source that has been tested as clean without caveat is Albuquerque, so far. (Sorry, no link to the local paper, as it's been overwhelmed by other sources in a google news search, and the local news websites suck.)

However, that isn't what really ticks me off. After all, I currently live in one of the places where the air and the water are clean. What really ticks me off is that several water providers have declined to release the test results that their drinking water is contaminated citing National Security.

Uh . . . no. I'm sorry, but that's the absolute antithesis of protecting national security. They are making the United States less secure by lying to the American people about what their water contains. If we don't know that there is a problem, we can't work to fix it.

Besides, does the horrible irony of claiming that less knowledge will protect us strike anyone else as absolutely insane!?! I mean, if a way to hijack ships or planes is discovered, then someone needs to be informed that there is a problem immediately so that we can figure out a solution to that flaw in security.

What possible aid to our enemies could be construed from the fact that we are drinking pharmaceutically contaminated water? That they need to ship themselves bottled water before carrying out terrorist attacks here in the United States? It only hurts us, the long term residents and citizens, the people that National Security is supposed to protect!

That is mind numbingly idiotic and I don't know what else to say. Anyone who claims that not releasing these test results is a matter of national security should be tried as a traitor. There is absolutely no logical reason to cite national security when talking about the safety of utility provided drinking water.

An imperfect analogy: This is like finding out that your son has bad grades in school, but the school administration has neglected to inform you of this fact, and cites national security as the reason that they didn't tell you. That's how moronic that this appears to be to me.
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